About Us

The Quick Read:

The Janita Toerien brand is synonymous with the making of custom, high end wedding dresses and the brand has now grown to branch out into the world of ready-to-wear. However, these aren't your basic items, no. These are limited edition, hand-crafted statement pieces to amp up your wardrobe and boost the basics.

All items are made on order, we work on our own sizes and it is therefore super important that you have a look at our Size Guide before placing an order. 

We're a Capetonian brand based in Stellenbosch. We love coffee and dogs.

The long version?

Having done some research on what makes a good online shop it has been widely recommended that we write a detailed profile introducing you to our brand and to be honest, we're not copywriters, no. We are artisans, designers, creatives.

As mentioned, our core business is custom made wedding dresses. Yup, that's right, that's where we started almost 10 years ago and now we're looking to expand and take on the world of everyday ready-to-wear. Again, when we say "everyday" we don’t mean the usual go-to basics. Nah, these pieces are statement pieces to amp up those simple wardrobe staples. A gold sequin jacket to go with that basic black jean and white T-shirt, or a pleated pleather skirt to wear with a crisp button down shirt or flouncy blouse.

And while we're at it, we started dabbling in fragrances and we've developed our own scent! That’s right, a deliciously light and sweet spritzer that can be used as a linen, room or body mist to freshen up the air around you. It’s quite allergy friendly (not tested in labs but tested by our closest friends and family who sneeze when they even hear a whisper of the word pollen) and because of its lightness it doesn’t overpower the senses (ideal gift for your tannie or ouma who feels that the scent of rose water should be smelled from 10 minutes away). Also perfect as a bridesmaids gift, thank you gift and from-me-to-me gift.

More history?

Janita started her wedding dress-making business in October of 2009 with a few hundred Rand, one official wedding dress made and only one potential bride for the foreseeable future. Business was alright but it wasn't until she realized she was a quite over the regular, traditional white dress with lace and pick ups (oh yeah, in the mid to late aughts that was the go-to style) and decided to break away and make one beautiful blush and polkadot wedding gown that things changed. She realized she loved the excitement and thrill of the non-traditional which still rings true today. That's why, when you see one of our ready-to-wear pieces it will be something that makes you look twice, makes you smile and makes your heart beat a little faster.

And any acclaims?

We are incredibly proud to have had our dresses in numerous local and international magazines over the past years. Most recently one of Janita Toerien's wedding dresses was nominated for Best Wedding Dress of the Year at the Elle International Bridal Awards 2018 alongside Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta and Reem Acra. This was also the wedding dress Tali wore in Showmax's Tali's Wedding Diary (which if you haven't seen it do yourself a favour!). Our most recent magazine features include Rolene Strauss wearing our dresses in the October issue of Finesse and Rolanda Marais wearing our dresses in the November issue of Rooi Rose.

We can go on, and woo and impress you with other things that we've done but honestly, no matter if you're Miss Universe or a stay-at-home-mom, we want you to be happy in our product, happy in our garments and feel like yourself in our clothing. That's it. Done.


Elle International Bridal Awards 2018 - Best Wedding Dress Nomination

Tali in her Janita Toerien Wedding Dress


Rolanda Marais Rooi Rose Cover December 2018 wearing Janita Toerien

Janita Toerien Rooi Rose